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What is brand and registered trade mark?
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Brand is the number that use discriminative commodity or serves origin, namely we say normally " brand " . Its since a kind of intellectual property, achievement of a kind of mental work is the one part of industrial property right, it is a kind of of the enterprise aeriform belongings.

Registered trade mark is to show brand registers an applicant to to the country bureau of brand of total bureau of industrial and commercial administration puts forward brand to register application and gain the character of approve, graph or its combination mark. Registered trade mark is inside its period of validity, register a person to enjoy the special right of this registered trade mark, forbidden any organizations or individual copy are risked, borrowed, without registering person license, other must not use this registered trade mark, its are special authority is protected by national law.

Execute in our country brand register a principle of one's own accord, can be used only accordingly and do not register, our country has the brand in be being used actually in great quantities to did not undertake registered at present. But, because our country law protects the special right of registered trade mark only, the right foundation that is not registered trade mark is very flabby solid, once the trademark that those have not register is registered by other go ahead of the rest, the hand that the brand that oneself manage meticulously will fall into other. Relative to the value at brand, the cost that brand registers is low-down. At an early date of proposal far-sighted company applies for his brand to register.

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