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"TM " be " brand " English " Trademark " abbreviate, "® " be " register " English " Register " abbreviate. "TM " and " ® " have suggestive effect, the top right corner that normally they appear in a few marks or right next horn, "TM " showing statement should indicate is to serve as brand to use, and " ® " indicating this sign had been registered trade mark, enjoy brand special right.

Somebody points out, "TM " denotive it is this brand has offerred application to national brand bureau, and national brand bureau also had allotted " brand is registered accept advice note " , namely " brand is registered accept advice note " it is to use " TM " the premise of the label. Actually otherwise: Our country law is right of ® use have specific provision, but do not have a regulation to the use of TM and management, if operator thinks,tell another person only some mark is the symbol that its use as brand, no matter whether this mark applies for brand to register, can use " TM " label.

But what must make clear is, "® " regard registered trade mark as special symbol, after brand is registered formally only ability is tagged, it is sham brand otherwise, can be punished. Take " TM " if the brand of the label follows already identical or registered trade mark is approximate, form pair of other trademark tort, also can be punished. Still have, belt " TM " if the brand of the label is not seasonable register, other company is grabbed noted this trade mark, so after other grabs the trade mark that note to be registered formally, this enterprise also cannot reuse is taken this " TM " the brand of the label, form tort otherwise.