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Should brand have those features?
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(1) brand is the sign that has significance. Distinguish already narrate at having gender, fair the sign that knows public quality, distinguish the mark at other commodity or service again, facilitate consumer identifies thereby.

(2) brand has exclusive sex. Everybody of registered trade mark has special right, exclusive right to its brand, without license of everybody of registered trade mark, other does not get do sth without authorization to use. Otherwise, form namely violate the trade mark right that registers business to weigh everybody.

(3) brand has value. The commodity that brand is representing brand to everybody is produced or be managed serves quality and company reputation, figure, trademark holder is registered through the originality of brand, design, application, advertisement conduct propaganda and use, make brand had value, also raised the additional cost of commodity.

The significance feature that what should emphasize particularly among them is brand (weigh significance again) , it is to show brand distinguishs those who contain the commodity of other trademark, service to wait to be able to identify gender and uniqueness easily namely, the provenance that consumer can distinguish commodity by right of this brand feature or serves, characteristic, information.   

Usually, the brand that does not have significance does not allow to register, the following kinds of circumstances are thought not to have remarkable character, :
(1) with course of study of one's own profession current commodity name, mark, graph makes trade mark;
(2) with making trade mark with this commodity related character, graph;
(3) make trade mark in order to represent the character of the characteristic such as the quality of commodity, main raw material, function, utility or figure;
(4) call brand with domain name of canton of prefectural class above (note: Collective brand, proof brand has exception) ;
(5) the character of brand, graph too multifarious or the figure that uses various title;
(6) with two when write with common font extremely simple geometry logo, the following numbers or letter (like linear, a curve, a normative triangle, or the circle) what make trade mark all or of main body part etc;
(7) the unified and special mark that use country or industry issue serves as brand, also be considered as what do not have significance.
The significance of brand is not absolutely, although brand design wants to note significance problem, onefold whether does brand have striking feature, be decided by and use case leave in very old rate.