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What concern do brand and company firm have?
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If why handle the relation of brand and firm
Ask: The name of my company is " of limited company of technology of × of " Beijing × . Because the property of company product makes,every company product has a brand, and my company also is opposite these brand undertook registered, the brand that present problem depends on me been register of the name of the company and company differs completely, so if others uses × × to come the word of registered trade mark, does my company have attributive to ask this company stops to use brand × × ? If my company to protect firm × × , undertook to × × brand is registered, but was not used actually, (regulation of our country trademark law, brand is in after registering inside a few years if need not or the property that disuse can lose this trade mark) , so right is our company good? How to bother you to tell me to handle these relations correctly?

Answer: The legal right that although trademark law stipulates brand is registered,does not acquire as preveniently as other is afoul, but just have certain exclusiveness inside location normally as a result of firm, and brand is national platoon he, accordingly you cannot prevent other registered trade mark. But if after other registered trade mark, make unfair to yours competition, you can be in the committee of evaluation of every indrawn brand that registers from this brand approved applies for to rule, also can sue to the court directly. Trademark law sets, successive of brand of 3 years of disuse, instruct by brand bureau deadline is corrected or cancel its registered trade mark. But using is not to incite certainly use on commodity. Accordingly, suggest you undertake protection is registered instantly.