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Does brand press different commodity (service) a few categories is cent?
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Connect guild regulations according to international, our country brand is registered execute register by the category, all commodity or service are divided in all for 45 categories, every brand can be in only the commodity that registers a category or service, if a certain enterprise wants to enlarge protective limits to its brand, must execute cross a category to register, part on many categories namely registered trade mark.

Say simply, these 45 categories are:

(If want to understand detailed commodity group to see this net " about us " " commodity group " column)

The 1st kind is used at the chemical of industry, science, photography, agriculture, horticultural, forest, raw man-made synthetic resin, raw plastic material, fertilizer, put out a fire uses complex, quench and the metal solders with preparation, save food chemically to taste, tanning material, industrial adhesive
The 2nd kind of dye, , lacquer, antirust and wood preservative, colorant, raw natural colophony, home of painter, adornment, typographer and tinsel of artistic family expenses reach metallic pink
The 3rd kind washs clothes with bleacher etc stock, clean, polished, go be soiled and abrade with preparation, soap, flavor, essence oil, cosmetic, flood, toothpaste
The 4th kind industrial oil and grease, absorb, spray and felt dirt things, fuel (the gas that includes motor to use) with illume material, illume uses the candle and lampwick
The 5th kind medical use preparation with vet, medical nourishment, infantile food, stretch tight apply material, ram tooth aperture and tooth model are used makings, eliminate harmful animal preparation, divide rubiginous agent
The 6th kind of common metal reachs alloy, metallic housing materials, portable building, blame is electric with cable and metallic thread, metal fittings is provided, metallic canal, safe, metal
The 7th kind of machine and machine tool, motor and engine (the exclusion that terrestrial car uses) , machine drive uses shaft coupling and transmission parts (the exclusion that terrestrial car uses)
The 8th kind of manual appliance and appliance (of manual operation) , knife, fork and spoon tableware, admire knife, razor
The 9th kind of scientific instrument and appliance, the appliance of sound of transcribe, communication, replay and figure, magnetic data carrier
The 10th kind of surgery, medical treatment, dentistry and vet use instrument and weapon, artificial limb, artificial eye and false tooth, orthopaedic things, suture uses data
The 11st kind of illume, add lukewarm, vapour, cook, cold storage, dry, ventilated, water supply and sanitary equipment unit
The 12nd kind of car, land, empty, sea is used locomotive implement
The 13rd kind of firearm, ammunition reachs bullet, explosive, fireworks
The 14th kind of precious heavy metal and its alloy and do not belong to not kind the article that precious metal or plating have precious metal, gem, headgear, lapidary, horological with timing instrument
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