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About a few of brand common problem answers doubt
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1, does brand register material requiring equipment?

The individual registers: Logo of design of brand of individual Id photocopy registers requisition

The enterprise registers: Logo of design of brand of official seal of enterprise of business charter photocopy registers requisition

2, does brand register need how long?

After brand applies for file newspaper to send a country brand bureau, brand bureau weaves that day application date, it is application date namely that day. After 3 months are controlled, brand bureau can allot accept advice note formally. Control announcement of hair brand first trial one year partly too again. 3 month of first trial if announcement period is consentient send register announcement. Left and right sides of a month after registering announcement can be gotten register card. Whole process big top should be controlled two years partly to two years. Increase ceaselessly as a result of application quantity in last few years, and examinant amount increases without synchronism, so brand registers time to have longer and longer tendency.

3, what profit does acting organization have through brand?

Brand representative organization and brand agent are the trademark law that is engaged in brand representative technically service orgnaization and professional. No less than engages in a lawsuit like wanting to look for a lawyer, can offer to client seasonable, all-around law serves.

Brand registers an applicant to apply for brand to register to brand bureau directly wait for brand general affairs, need carries a lot of formalities such as carbon of official seal, recommendation, Id, business charter, even oneself fill in application form, type, hand in cost to wait, except hand in inquiry to expend (120 yuan / second, when having conflict, should inquire repeatedly) , type duplicate is expended (30-80 yuan) , application is expended (1000 yuan) outside waiting for plan cost, pay a large number of fee such as allowance of traffic, accommodation, poor brigade even, bother already and fee is big.

Because do not know brand major knowledge,more crucial is, the application that fill in often by go back or do not grant to accept, thereby incur loss through delay time. And entrust brand representative to organize a representative, attainable enthusiasm, patient, meticulous advisory service, consign representative is expended can, the save labour when the province returns save money.
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