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What is proof brand
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The origin that proves brand is to point to pair of offerred goods or service, raw material, method that make, quality, precision or other characteristic have a kind of sign that assures a meaning, say again to assure brand. This kind of brand is applied for to register by chamber of commerce or other group commonly, the applicant designation to brand commodity or service are had examine ability, negative assure responsibility. Be like: Green food indicates, dermal mark, pure wool indicates, electrical engineering mark.

Because prove the use person of brand fastens constituent member of the applicant, trademark holder does not use this label. Accordingly, there is bigger distinction with common commodity or service brand in registering application and protection. For example, referring when registering application, the applicant should add those who send this label to use way. Once proof brand is registered, must not make over. Use proof brand must be permitted via registering a person, the commodity that its manage must assure to reach quality level of the regulation, conversely, regard as violate trademark special right action. If this kinds of brand is in use process,do not accord with constitution to set, cannot continue to assure the action of commodity quality, bring about the cancel of this registered trade mark likely. Because prove brand is the mark that proves the characteristic such as its product raw material, quality, without strict regulation, will make product quality loses control. Strengthen pair of proof brand supervise with control, be helpful for generator, operator, consumer already, defended the reputation of famous brand again.