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Does the representative organize agential mark to register the brand general aff
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Brand representative organization and brand agent are the trademark law that is engaged in brand representative technically service orgnaization and professional. If other law serves an orgnaization,can offerring to client seasonable, all-around legal service is same. Brand representative organization can offer such as brand to seek advice, the service such as representative of case of tort of counsel of representative of brand design, brand, brand, brand.
Brand registers an applicant to apply for brand to register to brand bureau directly wait for brand general affairs, need carries a lot of formalities such as carbon of official seal, recommendation, Id, business charter, even oneself fill in application form case, type, hand in cost to wait, divide outside handing in the compasses such as inquiry cost, application fee to expend, pay a large number of charge such as allowance of traffic, accommodation, poor brigade even, bother already and fee is big. Because do not know brand major knowledge,more crucial is, the application that fill in often by go back or do not grant to accept, thereby incur loss through delay time.
And entrust nearby brand representative to organize a representative, attainable patience seeks advice from a service meticulously, consign representative cost, inquiry cost can, when be being saved already save labour. (From: Does  night ど sigh sluggish?