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The different meaning of brand condition
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TM—— brand accord with, point to had registered to brand bureau (application is registered) , or the commodity brand that holder statement owns the right.
SM—— is Alexandrine, use at serving brand.
R—— registers accord with, point to the brand that already registered via brand bureau approve.

The advantage that ▲ brand registers

The main purpose that ① , brand registers is to obtain brand to have appropriative right only. Press our country law to set, after brand applies for to register and obtaining approve, trademark holder ability obtains the droit of brand, anybody is permitted without person of trade mark right or agree, all must not use this brand on identical or similar goods or service, form brand tort already otherwise. Person of trade mark right can check through brand dimension tort behavior, the requirement makes an apology, compensatory loss. Contrary, if brand is registered first by other, it is the droit that the enterprise wants to lose brand and access not only, and the person that still can be grabbed to note by brand conversely sues brand tort, can cause huge pecuniary loss to the enterprise not only, and the brand credit that still can make the enterprise works hard and fame are damaged.
② , brand registers the first pace that is company brand strategy, after brand approved is registered, the enterprise can be at ease bold use label undertakes propagandist popularizing, established a base to the enterprise is made and establish a brand, it is the premise condition that achieves famous brand.
③ , registered trade mark is commodity and service quality is indicative, most consumer thinks the commodity quality that used registered trade mark is more reliable, win the accredit of consumer easily. And at present more and more bazaar supermarkets all ask to enter the commodity of the sale must use registered trade mark, not the commodity of registered trade mark does not get sale entering the arena. This shows, brand is obtained after be being registered effectively, with respect to can long-term stable and occupational market, enlarge sale, maintain good reputation, become famous label, become well-known logo then. Card is the proof that commodity enters bazaar to sell permissibly.
④ , brand is a kind of intangible assets, can undertake assessment to its value, can pass make over, the license is used to other, invest as asset, or impawn will change implementation its value.
⑤ , brand still deals with the qualitative check, essential condition that defends check, bar code to wait

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