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The different meaning of brand condition
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Our country is to the definition of brand: Brand (English TradMark) , it is to show generator, operator is make from already the commodity of commodity or service and other or service photograph distinction, and use what its are reached to wrap mount in commodity or serve mark to go up to be combined by character, graph, letter, number, three-dimensional mark and color, and one kind when what the combination of afore-mentioned element forms can inspect sexual mark.
World Intellectual Property Organization (World Intellectnal Proporty Organization, abbreviation WIPO) it is to the definition of brand: Brand is the mark of the commodity that uses group of discriminative some industry or commercial company or this kind of industry.
Association of property right of international safe industries (AIPPI) the definition that ever made to brand on Berlin congress: "Brand is the mark " of the commodity that in order to distinguishs an individual or collective place offers and service.
French government is in its " trademark law " in state for: "All in order to identify the visible sign of the product of any enterprises, article or service to all can regard brand as " .

The feature of ▲ brand

(1) significance. Brand is the number that has significance, distinguish already narrate at having gender, fair the mark that knows public property, distinguish the tender land be used to at other commodity or service again, facilitate consumer identifies thereby
(2) exclusive sex. The purpose of use brand is for the commodity of distinction and other or service, facilitating consumer identifies. So, everybody of registered trade mark has special right, exclusive right to its brand, get legal protection, without the license of everybody of trade mark right, anybody does not get do sth without authorization to use as identical as this registered trade mark or similar brand, otherwise, form the brand that encroachs everybody of authority of registered trade mark namely special right, will assume corresponding legal responsibility.
(3) value sex. Brand is a kind of intangible assets, have value. Brand is representing trademark holder production or the quality reputation that manage and company reputation, figure, trademark holder is registered through the originality of brand, design, application, advertisement conduct propaganda and use, make brand had value, also increased the additional cost of commodity. The value of brand can decide through evaluating. Brand is OK and paid make over, person of classics ownership of trademark agrees, permissive other is used.
(4) emulative. Brand is the carrier of goods news, it is the tool that participates in market competition. The competition that produces operator is commodity or the competition that serve quality and credit, its behave a form is brand famous formal competition, label is famous degree taller, the competition ability of its commodity or service is stronger.

▲ uses the symbol on brand
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