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Gross of Chinese registered trade mark breaks through 3 million
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Year China optimizes intellectual property system ceaselessly, cogent protection intellectual property, intellectual property career obtained great progress, knowledge is produced

System of plan of authority law law is more perfect.

Introduce according to him, bureau of national intellectual property accepted patent application in all 2007 69. 40 thousand, grow 21 compared to the same period.

1 % , invent patent, practical and new-style patent and exterior to design patent to be respectively among them 24. 50 thousand, 18. 10 thousand are mixed

26. 80 thousand. Up to by 2007, the gross of global patent application that China accepts already broke through 4 million.

2007, chinese applicant refers patent international to apply for 5401, grow 41 compared to the same period. 2 % , gross

House beauty, day, heart, law, Han, flower later, rank the 7th, relatively the end of the year shifted to an earlier date 2006 1 .

Yin new season says, in brand respect, the country was versed in commercial firm politics manages bureau of total bureau brand to accept brand to register application in all 2007

70. 80 thousand. Among them, accept domestic brand to register application 605 thousand, accepted foreign brand registers application 103 thousand

. Annual examines brand to register the amount of application to break through 400 thousand first in all, achieve 40. 50 thousand, grow 2 compared to the same period

9. 3 % ; Annual in all approve registered trade mark 26. 30 thousand. Brand bureau and annual of brand evaluation committee are maintained lawfully in all gallop

Renown brand 197. Up to by 2007, chinese brand registers application gross to break through 5.6 million, already registered trade mark

Gross breaks through 3 million.

In the meantime, mechanism of various and industrial and commercial administration increases the whole nation ceaselessly lawfully administration executes the law strength, annual investigates of all kinds brand to violate in all

Law case fifty thousand three hundred and eighteen; Be captured in all and eliminate illegal designation of trade marks 28.17 million (set) , amerce four hundred and seventeen million six hundred and thirty thousand

Yuan; Move to the judiciary send be suspected of brand crime case 229, guilty suspect 228.

In copyright respect, yin new season says, sectional development began copyright administration related combination of national copyright bureau 2007 hold

Law, increase strength of edition of pilfer of blow software tort, begin edition of pilfer of blow network tort special operation.

In addition, new breed of Ministry of Agriculture and plant of national forestry bureau protected working grip to breed 2007, protection, apply and be in charge of

Manage 4 link. The Ministry of Agriculture accepted breed authority to apply for 816 in all 2007, award breed to counterpoise 518. Up to 2
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