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Brand and sale ought to what course to follow?
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So, they walk into their factory to perhaps walk along the network of own brand, feel have a headache, feel self-abased even! Where sober brains and gentle state of mind still face a variety of problems in reality! Below this kind of state, you talk about what brand with him again, talk about what sale, where can he still listen to go in! In his heart already random heart, did not have judgement more the fact is true the standard with the mistake, the crisis that he knows to want how to spend capital and network at the moment only is pretty good, what brand development and specializationed sale operation to still talk about?

So, it is under this kind of setting, how can be sale and professional sale staff approbated by him again?

Actually, from fontal city for the actual state of these brands, say a few more bloodily, very much so called brand cannot be done! Look above all from brand name, these brands cannot be called a brand! It is a name very strange, even nondescript, cannot delay more extend what brand culture, do not have even a bit more pleasing to the ear meaning even! 2 it is brand oneself insufficient sincerity, product quality obviously very poor also should say oneself are the product that avoid check, well-known logo; The earthy brand that is this locality obviously flaunts be Hong Kong even, of abroad; It is very general product only obviously, want to say to have all sorts of special functions unluckily however; Do not have a bit relation with a few sports, movie and TV, recreation, successful personage obviously, just go for however these people do spokesman, and consumer anyway won't think product or the brand has real concern with these celebrity!

Obviously activity of oneself brand, sale concerned to be not pulled with the Olympic Games, these brands always are ordering goods 08” of “ sprint 08” , “ decide the issue of the battle wants on the theme of the meeting. The Olympic Games cannot be used directly on outdoors billboard the mark of 5 annulus, extortionary turn 5 annulus into 5 colored ribbon, think such consumer think this brand has an Olympic Games culture perhaps concerned …… with the Olympic Games and even if is the need that stems from transmission, its brand attribute and brand culture do not have the echo of bring out the best in each other with these celebrity again, consequently, consumer just also passes outdoors advertisement, TV ad to know this star is replacing some brand to hit announcement, can not remember this brand however, although such manufacturer spent the money that asks star spokesman, did not rise to build the brand identifying, action that accumulates brand culture truly again however, do not have the effect of materiality at all consequently.

Here the circumstance falls, the brand still is without improvement in the market, how to do again?

So, these proprietor of an enterprises are searched only in memory comfort or go regretting! And face sale and brand these concepts, he also is blamed only and suspected!
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