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Brand and sale ought to what course to follow?
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Now, arrived to retrieve a brand in the round truly successful element and when should having a condition!

Is brand culture for instance enough? Is the professional capacity of enterprise oneself enough? Whether can be the product catered to or to whether can be the product catered to or guide consumptive demand? Does the network have a series of requirements of operation brand? Does oneself of capital, talent, brand have the base that is approbated by consumer? What import does brand name have for instance? Whether let consumer arise to associate relevantly, let consumer feel the life form that accords with them truly, whether the feeling that brings brand and product place to want expression to them (interest) ?

And in fact almost the thing that the psychological photograph that all trademark owner are doing move and reality and person violates! Among them the most serious have at 2 o'clock: It is serious congenial psychology, 2 it is to violate market issue to do its —— brand to cannot let join in business makes money really, be indulged even or force the various agent, brand that joins in business will do his, and the total agent that has the majority, join in business just is holding same congenial mentality and the subjective consciousness that disregard actual state in the arms doing business of “ brand ” ! Because total agent can be owed do big business, “ pulls ” to wear do; Join in because business has the support of manufacturer and total agent and allowance, since need not have a deficit,imagining, strive for “ in case can make money the good luck of ” . Such, caused manufacturer to see only before lively, did not think of total agent and the fact that join in business does not have the hope that makes a brand, concept, actual strength, especially the serious problem that oneself brand and product all cannot accept for consumer! Of one day after day do, also be over shoes over boots, the enterprise is pulled by total agent “ ” lives, live with ” be pullinged by the psychological “ of own have no alternative, do not absolutely refuse to to be maintained alive in the market! Arrived when one day total agent is not maintained, the enterprise is stemmed from helpless and the branch that changes its into oneself, or with total agent affiliation. Arrived finally, because the brand still cannot be approbated by consumer, the brand of the enterprise and product, all cannot have the expression of poor dissimilation, because enterprise oneself is owed by the client too much, enter movement without capital, brand oneself does not have gain ability again, the enterprise can'ts bear heavy burden, each district network does not remove congener brand in the classics in swaying in the midst of a raging storm pound and keep on retreating, come eventually crumble, the brand also is subsequently after consecutive crisis and comprehensive atrophy, till disappear!

Actually, a lot of brands of fontal city district ride on tiger back now, the owner of these brands is becoming nightmare everyday, the brand that perhaps thinks of oneself regrets unceasingly, regret having done sth: If do not do a brand at the outset,perhaps feel, still go wholesale to also won't go to today so helter-skelter; If not be to beg at the outset,or feels big, feel to do a brand to be able to obtain profit of high specified number, just set his mind at to do shoe lumber business to perhaps do relevant supplier, unapt also the trap that is immersed in a brand! At that time the “ of the brand tastes ” word to be opposite for them, it is 3 cornucopia no longer, however 3 3 a bottomless pit, trap like bloody tiger's mouth-jaws of death!
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