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Brand and sale ought to what course to follow?
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As the development of brand and market, progress, sale and sale Great Master once be the rage, become the emancipator of enterprise and brand. The proprietor of an enterprise often thinks to want to ask sale Great Master only, professional perhaps sale staff, the brand is run can accomplish the whole task at one stroke. Look, this kind of idea is already washed-up now!

But, still should doing a brand only, do the market, sale still does not escape to cross a link that go, and, sale is done bad, do not have method to participate in market competition really, do not have the opportunity that lives in the market even, but, these Great Masters and sale personnel were not used, how should brand and enterprise do again?

In each element that manage in the brand, construction of promotion of construction of structure of fixed position of culture of brand image, brand, brand, product and consumptive group fixed position, price fixed position, access, brand, group, information management, commodity is supplied, competition ability of the professional competence of the resource of each respect and enterprise, core is waited a moment, it is very crucial, and will see present brand and enterprise from this angle and requirement, is how many enterprise and brand having again have?

So in the final analysis, sale is necessary still, just a lot of enterprises and brand do not have method to accomplish the total requirement that has requirement of brand operation place!

And why doesn't the company understand this? That is the brand because of a lot of successes before this, let them feel it is so difficult to do a brand and be done not have! Return the eye that thinks oneself have now and condition even, be in compared with those already successful companies start the state of period is close friends a lot of, why cannot resemble those enterprises in that way, through effort of 35 years, can become well-known trademark, perhaps resemble what those already successful brands obtain the market and consumer in that way approbating? But, present enterprise oversight a bit very important: The condition that is current market condition and competition then is not far any more at the outset case, market saturation degree and consumer are far also to the requirement of the brand a lot of taller than wanting at that time! And, the cost that the brand manages and demand had become very high!

But, the person is very perceptual, especially the person has compare psychology, often oversight the change of environment and condition! Then, feel sale is lack of power, the Great Master is incompetent!

Actually, cannot say the Great Master is incompetent, also cannot say sale is useless, and the total requirement that can say the business did not see sale and brand are successful only! Add cannot long, massive devoted financing, always wanting to use limited labor power and capital to become more issues, the enterprise is done not have more breed a brand for a long time, always holding congenial psychology in the arms working, do not have method to achieve major to operate the requirement of the brand at all consequently, just thinking an in some way to had been done, should OK do the brand, did the job of one part only, imagining the effect that can whole goes up however, and always do not do before astringent market reach the designated position, do not look to give effect to come! Finally, or goes to responsibility end sale is incompetent, or complains market competition is intense, and oversight go analysing oneself to whether have the requirement that does a brand and capacity really from whole, include to do the aesthetic eye of the brand, psychology quality that does a career, and whether does oneself understand in real market premise falls, how should operate a brand!
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