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Brand and sale ought to what course to follow?
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Want to do good brand, actually true still is to should return to the essence of the brand to come up, and be mixed to the understanding of the brand, demand according to consumer ask to operate!

The closest sale had gone the phase of lowermost cereal it seems that, market situation also is in period of small blown away by wind it seems that. Although say,be commodity superfluous, brand superfluous, consumer is special maturity and reason, but, always unapt do not need sale?

Lu Changquan, this once effectiveness Yu Meng is arrogant, also had obtained the sale Great Master that industry approbates to also come to so-called “ brand the fontal city of ” opens altar sermon, however, most of the person that attend the meeting is with sponsor the personnel that just having all sorts of relations, or the friend of group of this locality ad, journalism, without a few the person that can decide company brand operation and destiny truly is present. Although, the spot of the lecture is very lively also, but, the result that affects to the industry truly is done not have, do not have Great Master of enterprise and brand and this sale to reach collaboration more, the intent that cooperates repeatedly even also is done not have.

To at present for the enterprise of fontal city district, be in a kind of such very awkward situations it seems that: The brand that succeed or matures, if how step, Jordan, special the pace had not needed sale Great Master give directions automatical do very well all the same, and midstream brand even if can accept sale Great Master give directions, but Great Master place says they also are not done, also do not have naturally necessary accept gave directions, otherwise, how is listening to a Great Master to say just true after doing a brand, the portion that also feels shame, self-abased oneself only!

As to say what should do a brand to just started, and those enterprises at wholesale condition, should ask sale Great Master to give them without this capital budget at all the concept, give plan. As a result of sale Great Master and lecture sponsor just do not understand or had not seen through this actual state, so, so elaborative sermon appears the Bei of dead end of hero having a particle became cool! This is a kind of very strange phenomenon, in the meantime, also mean directly in this “ brand ” , the force ” that proprietor of an enterprises also believe “ sale no longer ……

And these Great Masters arrived truly “ commodity superfluous, brand superfluous, consumer is special the times of maturity and rational ” , be experienced by individual of bureau be confined to only really and the theory that abstraction of foreign information place, summary comes out, already inextricability also current business puts the real problem that be in!

How should the enterprise do? How should the brand do? Sale, and ” of “ sale Great Master whether helpless really?
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