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The money of abroad registered trade mark " the province is not gotten "
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Undertake brand buy in and sell at a profit next, or the name with “ tort ” is sued compensate for with diddle, or ask for a huge sum to brand transfers cost or all alone by sales volume

Want to enter the permissive cost of this locality market.

Gold fountain pen of ” of card of hero of “ of as above sea gets the welcome of Japanese consumer, but its brand is noted in Japan first by Japanese businessman however

Book, the just is in Japan by gold fountain pen of ” of “ hero card sale in asking thereby pays the commission of 5 % to its, japan just is in in causing

sell goods on a commission basis because business is profitless and stop to sell goods on a commission basis; 2005, qingdao sea believes group last a period of time 6 years, just with 500 thousand euro

The price, the e of s of n of e of S of “ H i that registers Germany be been in by Xi Menzi company ” brand is redemptive; Tecent company for recapture by outside

Compatriots grabs the domain name that note, paid the day of 1 million dollar valence very reluctantly. Additional as we have learned, be in Canada, held water even in recent years

Brand of “ old name makes over company ” , do the ” of “ buying and selling of brand of Chinese old name technically.

In addition, can the brand that “ redemptive ” is grabbed to note still calculates lucky, some ill will are grabbed note the enterprise outside becoming a few countries even to hit press contest

Contend for a kind of groovy method of adversary. Note ” of camp of the “ since adversary brand tree through grabbing, make be grabbed to note brand enterprise to march with original logo

International market suffocate suffocate; Or force the enterprise that is grabbed to note brand to accept certain and unjustifiable requirement, have more very person, direct adversary refus

outside market door.

The author reminds domestic company, overseas registered trade mark cannot be ignored, the money “ province of abroad registered trade mark does not get ” . The person that deny,

Should arrive regret that momently, pay will be the cost with thousandfold even hundredfold. (From: Does discharge  gallop makeup?

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