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The money of abroad registered trade mark " the province is not gotten "
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Recently, the brand of car of Chinese gold dragon is grabbed to noted incident to cause by ill will in Chile pay close attention to with all possible means. Regard “ redound as ” , in

The country is stationed in Chile embassy to already suggested to grab ill will the Francisco that note to include the blacklist that does not welcome to enter a country. Subsequently, be in tremendous

Below economy and moral pressure, grab the person that note waiver is right of Jin Long emblem register authority, those who ended this peak loop to turn is abroad

Grab note brand disturbance.

In recent years, as Chinese economy flying development and Chinese company expand ceaselessly, abroad lifted grab note business of ” of “ China famous brand

The storm of mark. Wang Zhihe is grabbed to note by Ou Kai company in Germany, 6 reside surely be grabbed to note in Canada, colleague hall is grabbed to note in Japan,

Red tower guest of Shan Zaifei law is grabbed to note, green bamboo snake is grabbed to note in Korea, qingdao beer is grabbed to note in the United States etc. Can be imagined, in recent years

Abroad grab the how of this kind of lawsuit that notes ” of “ China famous brand.

According to not complete count, in having more than 80 up to now, famous label is in the country Indonesian be grabbed to note, nearly 100 brand are in day

Be grabbed to note originally, nearly 200 brand are grabbed to note in Australia, and the Chinese company brand that final result is 15 % is not had

The law applies for to register outside the condition.

Why can abroad note Chinese brand label to be very happy with it to grabbing? The author thinks, this arrives besides drag in of brand economy cruel

Besides interest factor, the enterprise outside still evolving into a kind of country is hit press a competitor, its develop block up the significant step of the market.

At present most country and area are adopted on the world register prevenient principle, namely whose preexistence this country and this area registered trade mark,

Who possesses the special power of this brand. Then, profession of international of a batch of “ notes emerge as the times require of mark person ” . They have fund, have actual strength

And know well greatly relevant law, grab the brand that noted a lot of well-known companies, derive chain of an industry profit: Grab note —— to fry

Make —— threatening and redemptive or resell.

The brand of a few countries seeks advice from company and trademark office, from which nose a few business chance, they are offerred to the enterprise on one hand

Paid the service that recovers brand, undertake brand resell is acclaimed silently again on the other hand. A few beautiful enrollment cost is registered first outside the condition,
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