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The country is industrial and commercial total bureau will accelerate brand to r
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The brand that mirrors in the light of social all circles registers cycle to grow a problem too, fushuang of deputy director general of total bureau of industrial and commercial administration builds the country 13 days to do in news of the State Council express on held press conference: Does cook shake Mao of line of serve Xiang grave to censure does channel of  Mei artisan catch Xi an ancient wine vessel made of horn?

Since our country joined WTO 2001, develop quickly as market economy and of consciousness of whole society brand increase, of brand year register application quantity to grow considerably, go to 700 thousand of 2007 from 270 thousand growth 2001. The keep long in stock that this brought about brand to register application and brand register cycle lengthen.

Fu Shuangjian points out, raise brand to examine ability, shorten the enrollment of brand is periodic one of main tasks that are strategy of national intellectual property. He expresses, the country is industrial and commercial total bureau height takes this one problem seriously, basically examine force through increasing, straighten internal composition, build 3 act such as in-house and incentive mechanism to shorten brand registers cycle.

After these “ measure are adopted, our checkup ability rises substantially. ” Fu Shuangjian says, 2007, the country is industrial and commercial the brand of total bureau registers application to examine a quantity to be 405 thousand, grow 29.3% than 2006. Up to this year on May 27, the checkup 2008 is measured already achieved 190 thousand.

“ we will continue the requirement according to compendium of strategy of national intellectual property, adopt measure actively to solve brand to register application problem of keep long in stock and examine periodic and longer problem, believe this one problem to be able to be solved completely inside 3 years. ” Fu Shuangjian says. (from: Salary   ?