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Geographical mark is registered into kulak gold-lettered signboard and protectiv
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Hou Li Xie thinks, apply geographical mark, it is the need of world of Chinese produce trend. At present our country geography indicates the product basically involves fruit, vegetable, tea, coal and ore to wait, we should be good at applying Madrid agreement to undertake international is registered, seek the international protection of geographical mark.

Strengthen protection and guide actively register pay equal attention to

“ geography indicates is principal intellectual property, want to apply trademark law to strengthen protection. ” Hou Li Xie thinks, geographical mark results from the protective need that consumer needs generator of sue for peace to the consumption of characteristic product, although our country had built more perfect geographical symbol to protect legal system at present, but the protective situation of geographical mark is very urgent still.

Hou Li leaf says, those who face a few places to appear is shoddy, risk the circumstance that indicates with geography, the country is besides administration and judicatory, still applied well-known logo system to strengthen protection, already maintained 8 geography such as ” of fireworks and firecrackers of this world of clear of ” of ” of “ Anxi a variety of oolong tea, “ Jingdezhen china, “ to indicate at present well-known logo. This year in Feburary, brand bureau designed geographical mark product again special mark, made " geographical mark product is special mark government measure " .

Center of development of Chinese green food indicates management was in Li Lintao to introduce to protect the experience that green food indicates. He tells a reporter, management of green food brand basically uses technology and law two kinds of steps come aggrandizement brand protection, through normative use mark and blow sham tort establishs brand image.

The expert thinks, should build geographical mark brand special right protects a system, it is the legal laws and regulations that should publicize geographical mark energetically, the enrollment that guides geographical mark actively is protected, 2 it is to should assist door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to strengthen supervisory examination, severity is investigated and attack brand tort action, 3 it is to want normative and geographical mark to use with monopolistic management behavior, executive credence criticizes calm system, 4 it is to should strengthen international to register, seek bigger range protection. (editor: Cheng Xiuhua)

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