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Geographical mark is registered into kulak gold-lettered signboard and protectiv
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“ geography indicates proof brand can make the manufacturing form of produce turns into 10 geography of ‘ company indicate the mode of 10 farmer ’ , make the bond between farmer and company. Now people more and more the consumption that goes after natural, green, and the produce as it happens that contains geographical mark trade mark got used to consumer this one demand, bring real material benefit to generator thereby. Leaf of ” Hou Li says, at present our country shares this kind of brand 280, among them our country from some 254, come from 26 outside the condition.

Beijing 10 thousand intelligent amount to courtyard of division of company of partner of firm of intellectual property representative, China researcher of concurrent post of intellectual property center Dr. Huang Hui is a specification with France the importance that geographical mark grows to rural economics. He says, geographical mark protection results from the earliest France, french champagne this one geography indicates year of value 4.8 billion euro, created the obtain employment opportunity of nearly 40 thousand person, its are tall additional cost the 3 times bubbly wine at other country of origin, 8 times at other and common bubbly wine.

Brand of “ geography mark can promote a county not only (like Zhejiang Jin Hua) , also can promote an area (like the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region) , still can promote a country (if Switzerland is horological) . ” Huang Hui is analysed. He thinks, geographical mark achieves a card to have important import to produce, the protection of geographical mark can realize agricultural industrialization, it is deficient, OK to also can be taken off achieve rich.

Produce registers consciousness still fragile

Hou Li Xie thinks, although our country has many geographical mark natural resources, but consciousness of brand of our country broad farmer is fragile, this one protection did not get be usinged adequately.

“ up to now, we receive domestic geography mark to register application in all 853, produce brand occupies the gross of brand to still be less than 10 % . Leaf of ” Hou Li says.

And look in Chen Yuewen, although clear is in relief,the geographical mark such as fireworks and firecrackers was the development of local economy to bring tremendous influence. But to Hunan the geographical mark of this one hundred percent is saved greatly and character, breed geographical mark to still have tremendous latent capacity. Picture always city river always has 3 treasure: Aromatic rice, sweet shaddock, sweet taro; Hill of tea of individual plant continent also has 3 treasure: Garlic, ginger, Bai Zhi.

“ if these enterprises accomplish in relief like clear fireworks and firecrackers to succeed so, the rural economics development of Hunan will be picture another. ” Chen Yuewen says. He tells a reporter, hunan still has brand of many 200 geographical mark to wait for now maintain, governmental function branch will be exhausted will undertake to its administration coachs, promote better 3 farming development.
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