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Geographical mark is registered into kulak gold-lettered signboard and protectiv
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Xian Tao of ’ of “‘ Ping Gu proves brand uses 5 years to come, occupational already the 90 % above of share of market of spending of the high end in the capital, redneck of 150 thousand peach all is added close 1. 20 thousand yuan. The smile when controller of association of industry of fruit of division of ” Beijing smooth cereal mentions the accrual that geographical mark brings to the country is abundant.

Brand of proof of ” of “ Ping Gu already became a piece of calling card of Ping Gu apparently. On the brand of “ of Chinese brand annual meeting that held recently and ” of forum of rural economics development, come from a country to be versed in commercial firm politics manages the expert of the branch such as bureau of total bureau brand and courtyard of Chinese company division to think, geographical mark already became the gold-lettered signboard of kulak, but the enrollment that compatriots geography indicates and protective consciousness are fragile still. The expert appeals each district wants to notice to develop geographical mark brand, increase farmer income, economy of agriculture of stimulative our country reachs the development of local economy.

Produce affixes label value taller

Crop of ’ of ‘ diameter camellia can achieve “ this year 50 tons, production value achieves 12 million yuan, grow 75 than 2002 respectively % and 92 % , realize farmer door all income 170 thousand yuan, net income 50 thousand yuan. ” speaks of the brand effect of geographical mark, hu Yonglin of director of bureau of agriculture of Yu Hang district of Zhejiang Hangzhou city has feeling greatly.

If speak of peach, ham, fireworks and firecrackers to wait, consumer may rise its and specific producing area connection hard. Nevertheless, if speak of to make the same score fireworks and firecrackers of this world of ham of Gu Datao, gold China, clear, average consumer can be hanged with crude place of production immediately swallowed the bait. To the advantage of geographical mark, chen Yuewen of director of industrial and commercial bureau tells Hunan the Changsha City the reporter so. He says, the geographical mark brand that Changsha has maintained now has peaceful countryside pig, Ning Xiangwei camellia leaf and clear in relief fireworks and firecrackers, the development that these 3 brand had given light Changsha economy brought very big stimulative effect.

The country is industrial and commercial Hou Li leaf says deputy director general of bureau of total bureau brand, brand of geographical mark proof is indicative some commodity originates some area, and the specific quality of this commodity, credit or other feature are main the mark that decides by the natural ingredient of this area or humanitarian element place. Applying for geographical mark to prove brand is a kind of when characteristic product protects on international at present current practice. Prove brand through applying for geographical mark, use adequately with save rich, humanitarian resource and geographical legacy, protect the development of product of excellent distinguishing feature and stimulative characteristic industry effectively. Especially after produce registered trade mark, can carry high yield to taste the position in consumer heart, become a farmer to add a way that close.
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