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The area alias of brand and firm is contacted
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Firm calls a manufacturer the name again, it is the name of the enterprise, firm is the one part of industrial property right. Suffer legal protection like brand. Its action is mix inside certain zone limits in fair trade, identify different company. And those who identify is whole industry, the action of brand is the commodity of the commodity that distinguishs an enterprise and other company; Firm must be pressed " company name registers administrative condition " undertake registering ability to obtain mixing use, press this " byelaw " the regulation is used and undertake administrative, brand must be pressed " trademark law " undertake manage and be used, brand can be registered, also need not register, brand registers the legal effectiveness limits that registers with firm to differ. Once a brand is registered permissibly, so inside countrywide limits, any someone else must not be used on identical or similar goods or register as identical as this brand or similar brand. And execute district sex protection to firm, brand and brand still have a bit distinction, an enterprise can be used and register a lot of brand namely, and firm has only.

Brand and firm are existing to be contacted cheek by jowl again, they often appear in same goods at the same time or commodity wraps mount, and mutual influence, cooperate each other, removing the action of identified promotion jointly.