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Intellectual property: Of the developing country " the sword that amounts to Mak
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China is right now the protective strength of intellectual property gradually strong, this is the external demand of economic globalization. But, in the process that use and protects intellectual property, must want the current situation that the intellectual property on recognize international protects. Actual condition is, intellectual property problem has become suspension to be in of developing country the top of head " the sword that amounts to Makelisi " .

Be in early 19 centuries, the west a few ideologist people see knowledge has bigger and bigger effect in prospective economy lieutenant general beforehand, because this advocates,with economic strength stimulative knowledge grows. Lincoln of the president before the United States has a famous remark: The ammunition that gives wisdom adds the oil of the interest. In 20 centuries, accelerate society of the industry after entering as the developed country, be in international to divide the work " pyramid " topmost United States realises soberly, to maintain international competition ability of the United States, the decline of national power of slow down United States, must produce the hegemonic advantage of science and technology and order of economy of dominant international politics adequately. The reagan-administration that 80 time appear on the stage to be in office, put forward clearly to want to rely on intellectual property and service trade to rebuild " powerful United States " . For this, the United States holds high intellectual property old standard, from regulation of academic, morality, legislation establish intellectual property is in the supreme position in international economy.

Theoretic, carry out use of patent to get forestall benefit to the society not only harmless more good instead concept; Morally, the protection that claims to strengthen pair of intellectual property from long-term see the innovation of science and technology that is helpful for broad developing country; On legal regulation, take the step such as intimidate, lure by promise of gain, deceit, to intellectual property home protective advance gradually inputs international public law or in convention; In practice, make full use of the tie mechanism of WTO, aggrandizement penalizes to encroaching the economy of intellectual property behavior and even criminal, force broad developing country to abide by. During cold war, because exist to be opposite with Russia the competition of the third world, so the United States is adopted in intellectual property respect to the developing country " good-tempered " manner. After cold war ends, the United States is without a rival, because this brought to bear on to the developing country greater and greater pressure, be in eventually " Uruguay bout " in reached " the intellectual property deal that concerns with commerce (TRIPS) " .
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