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About the academic topic that well-known logo protects
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The definition theory bound about well-known logo and solid Wu bound are stated differ, but basic however to the understanding of its concept or feature trend is consistent. Be well-known logo above all is witting spend a question. The feature with celebrated the mainest brand is its are provided taller witting degree, the crowd place with be proper is witting. It is well-known logo next famous limits problem. On dimensional limits, this brand should be specific crowd place is inside particular area witting, that is to say, well-known logo has district sex feature with general brand not only, and the extremely extensive sex as a result of commodity and public are restricted to industry attention, well-known logo must not be all public place hep, need to be specific crowd place only hep can; On time limits, this brand ought to be to have certain history durative. It is the value about well-known logo again. The value of here is not those who point to well-known logo contain Troy, show the value of well-known logo is reflected however. Well-known logo reflected the value of brand itself above all, be like brand form, the fame of brand is spent and of brand can the price that the money reflects; The value of well-known logo or commodity quality is reflected, the commodity with good quality even the commodity that the commodity may not with best quality is well-known logo, the commodity of renown brand affirms Dan Chi is quality admirable from beginning to end and the commodity with good reputation.


About well-known logo make important document, provision of law of each country trademark is differ, our country academic group and solid Wu bound also have different view. The trademark law after revising set the substantial important condition that well-known logo forms, but the formal important document of well-known without the regulation logo, this gives judicatory and administration department put apart already the very large space that reduce an amount, also gave a difficult problem essentially. Whether must so well-known logo have formal important condition? considering the following 3 real factors, well-known logo must have formal important condition at the same time. Above all, the makes celebrated trade mark essence important condition that trademark law sets or element are too abstract and general, be operated hard in practice and hold; Next, affirmatory form important document can prevent to execute the law the abuse that sectional freedom reduces a quantity to counterpoise, safeguard execute the law goodly order; Again, affirmatory form important document can ensure the relative stability of well-known logo, make to the protection of well-known logo the law can be depended on, have according to but abide.
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