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Register the brand system below the principle to answer interest of the person t
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One, the proper sex base that special right gains trade mark is to use

Natural law philosophy is a when provide proper sex support for money property right important doctrine, among them the labor of money property right that particularly important is Lock is academic, the happening that this doctrine counterpoises for belongings from the angle of labor provided proper sex basis. Accordingly, individual the basic idea that the content that to its work place gives birth to enjoys droit is natural law. But the implementation of idea of this kind of natural law needs have the aid of at real way rely on, the droit that regards labor as child has the ability below the protection in law to be people place to enjoy only. From the Roman law germ to natural law make an on-the-spot investigation can see, in treat the problem that have to go up, roman period namely establish " the thing that the individual works through his and tries hard to create belongs to him himself " idea. From 18 centuries since, the whole idea of belongings is in going up somehow is to build on a such ideas. To achieve legal regulation " inside change " the effect that is individual practice consciousness and behavior, law ought to mirror this kind of concept.

Afore-mentioned about " labor is academic " exposition and argumentation is in the light of tangible worth character, arise because of them when, intellectual property and even the idea that whole and aeriform belongings counterpoises and system were not formed or do not develop very. But apply its intellectual property domain to prove its when us, discover labor theory and intellectual property system are had agree with a gender very well. Work and invention are intellective work achievement reflect, and legislative purpose is in intellectual property to gift at passing the developer of intellectual property comes with legal monopoly power the creation of incentive people is enthusiastic. Accordingly, adopt no matter why to plant accredit mode, each country legislation grants real development the person copyright and patent; In exclusive law domain, collect " apply a principle first " the person that the country has used some technology to be before other application, law often gifts its are in " original limits " inside " use power first " the patent with antagonism other, this is going up somehow the esteem that said to also reflect law to work to this main body.
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