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You order I am machined, why the person that did I become tort? Machining an ent
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In period of shunt of our country economy, credit mechanism is built not completely still, the contract is con common occurance, before bilk means basically is wait for a form through forging the official seal, content that forges award of financial condition proof, dummy contract. Be on guard as people of consciousness strengthen, new bilk way begins to appear again. In manufacturing management activity, bilk element is used " contract to do a job treatment " , " the affiliation cooperates " wait for common occurance of economic contract bunco, legerdemain also more and more concealment, more and more brillant.

A few enterprises and individual operator often are puzzled by the place of rich and generous redound of promise of the other side, drop into trap thereby. Be in Zhejiang, treatment production manufacturer is very much, in among them a few machine enterprise and individual decoy, drop into this trap.

Decide the brand trap of the contain in card treatment

A lot of enterprises of Zhejiang are being done more stick a card, accept entrust undertake the card processes business deciding increasing, become Zhejiang a lot of medium and small businesses live a kind of means with development, and also somebody in order to become " China is made " a medium and excited. However, in process of the treatment that decide a brand, include to print an enterprise bear imprint the brand decorate that pack, a few enterprises because interest drive, do not undertake the standard is run, often make him defect enters the lair of brand tort.

Case: Hu Mou of owner of some dress treatment encountered Zhejiang peaceful wave the dress of Changshu of a Jiangsu purchases business, bearer requirement Hu Mou imprints on knitting dress on head portrait mixes haing Li Bote " Har-ryPotter " English model of written characters, dress he can have exclusive selling rights entirely. Think the Hu Mou that met mammon grandfather organizes hand to begin dress to machine instantly. One week later, first 300 " haing Li Bote " culture unlined upper garment gives heat inside factory of Hu Mou that make the clothing, that purchases business to come in time also pick up the goods, and on the spot paid dress machines a paragraph. Hu Mou undertook the treatment of unlined upper garment of the 2nd batch of culture is made again May. At the beginning of June, before local industrial and commercial place receives Shanghai some company to inform against, will check, the result hunted down 2800 inside Hu Mou factory this kind of dress, and right now some also cannot find moustache to purchase business again, became the scapegoat of the person that make a holiday.
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