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Trademark registration for the plug off the wing Shemariah
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Recently, the Hong Kong Children's Center of Photography Shemariah commission and the International Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. were formally "Shemariah" trademark application to the State Trademark Bureau, since then, the development of Shemariah opened a new chapter in the development towards the brand path towards a critical first step. To "infants and young children photography experts," said the Children's Center of Photography in Hong Kong Shemariah since its inception in 2007, the praise of mothers in the Springs has gone through four years of growth and expansion. 0-12 years of age in infants and young children to the main subject of professional photography organizations, the Shemariah ringing in the Jinan Springs is a block, the leading brands. Service of survival, to brand development Shemariah from the first day of opening to adhere to the "service of survival, to brand development" business philosophy. Shemariah first pursuit of the ultimate shooting results. This is also Shemariah attract the greatest magic Springs mothers. From the shooting device, excellence, continuous improvement of the purchase and the most advanced equipment; from the photography team on boldly cutting-edge photographers, Shemariah major fashion photographers are 80 women, their peers to better understand the young mother preferences, so young mothers can fully meet the individual needs of their unique; from integrated support, the more elegant clothing, accessories and props with a perfect, full of personality of each baby's unique style, rather than the dull monotony of the pattern; from shooting content, Shemariah provides flavor from pregnant mothers to the baby's personality Match Friends enjoyable for the family portrait photo to the other one to one tracking shot service. Shemariah brand goal is to make every baby, every mother, every family can experience a new life of gestation, birth, growth process and the resulting heart great joy and happiness. Trademark registration, brand development for the plug off the wing According to the International Intellectual Property Agency Ltd. cases and trademark registration data provided by experts in the Springs for children large and small photo agencies, for trademark protection, take the road of brand development, not more than one-tenth. Shemariah present may not be the strongest and largest photography organization, but Shemariah have confidence and determination to become a strong brand leading Springs. To provide customers with a more intimate and more professional service in more detail. Breeding records each new life, the birth and growth of the sweet, happy, happy moment, leaving a long unforgettable precious Mi image series from each person to grow up bit by bit. "Shemariah" trademark registration, like a new life in the breeding process, people will always care Shemariah Shemariah brand, continue to provide a nuanced, thoughtful, enthusiastic, patient and perfect service, as always, available to every customer the greatest value, enjoy the most professional and luxurious services!