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"Colorful Guizhou" trademark press conference by Mr
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Q: How to support the provincial Department of Propaganda and outside of units of individual welfare use "Colorful Guizhou" brand? A: The provincial Department of Propaganda actively encourage and support institutions, social organizations and individuals use the "Colorful Guizhou" brand, the applicant should use the program to teach Committee Propaganda Department, as long as the same healthy, viable solutions can be quickly approved, Provincial Propaganda Department can also give positive publicity in the media, free support. Q: "Colorful Guizhou" in use is in fact how to define the public interest or commercial? A: The team involved in public welfare activities, the activities of the organizers of units or individuals do not receive any form of fees, activities are funded mainly through financial support or corporate sponsorship available. The commercial use of the applicant's primary purpose is to use brand, expand its product awareness, increase revenue, in terms of profits for the purpose of commercial activity. Q: "Colorful Guizhou" means trademark fee of there? What is the principle of taking charge? A: There are two ways to take charge, a trademark of cash to pay royalties; a certain amount of shares is paid reflects the use of the trademark. Management and maintenance of a trademark will have certain costs, in the active support, the appropriate fee of principles to encourage and support the community using the "Colorful Guizhou" trademark. For the good market prospects, a good social image, economic good, strong demonstration effect, to drive the industry wide project, you can also give strong support to a nominal fee to receive a trademark, and some projects can be relief. Q: "Colorful Guizhou" trademark authorization to provide what services? A: The trademark licensing, the "Colorful Guizhou" text production centers will be to establish a trademark for the use of files, on the use of the trademark dynamic management of the contract, establish evaluation mechanisms to use the trademark on the product tracking process, providing information for reference . Q: "Colorful Guizhou" trademark applicants, Colorful Guizhou Cultural Industry Development Centre What are the requirements? A: The main areas to consider applying for one of four conditions. 1. Qualification. Applicants must have considerable strength, for "Colorful Guizhou" brand to provide adequate, advanced, reliable products, technologies or services. 2. Offer. The reported price of a trademark license fee consistent with "Colorful Guizhou" fair market value of the trademark. 3. Brand. Has good social image and reputation, provides related products and services and "Colorful Guizhou" brand philosophy complement each other. 4. Promotion. In marketing and advertising spending enough money and make other efforts to take advantage of "Colorful Guizhou" platform for marketing, publicity and promotion while "Colorful Guizhou" brand.