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The first independent college in Hubei successful trademark registration
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April 21, the Wuhan Branch received national trademark registration certificate, which is the first Private University in Hubei Province in the SAIC registered trademark of the universities themselves. The Wuhan branch is the nature of a private independent college, the school education since 1997, so far there are 12 years old. In recent years, the school experienced a variety of violations, so the school has been a headache. In previous years, every enrollment period, the school has the name of some fake some of the pages appear. In 2005, the school to put forward to the SAIC name of the school's application for registration, after nearly four years of waiting, "Wuhan University of Technology South Campus" was finally granted a trademark registration. State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office approved the "Wuhan University of Technology South Campus" brand of services including: education; school (education); education evaluation; training; correspondence courses; arrangements and organizations; education information; TV and radio programming; book publishing; charges libraries. It is understood that the trademark of commercial trademarks and service marks are divided into two major categories. Schools are generally registered service mark, the purpose is to protect their school's name is not registered, but can also enhance the school's visibility. Name of the school as an important intangible asset college, some well-known universities in recent years, repeated infringements, to protect their legitimate rights and interests, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Central China Normal University, Wuhan University, Wuhan University, Hubei University of Technology and had also by trademark. View PK: College School Name of the registered trade mark should not College is not only the image of a registered trademark of the embodiment and symbol of the intangible assets is more important. Once the school's name into a trademark by others, will directly affect the university's reputation and image. Should the registered name of the school of University trademarks, comments are not consistent. Can maintain its own brand of up Daily China's Trademark Law has been promulgated for many years, enterprises have paid great attention to protecting their own trademarks. But the college name of their protection is relatively weak. University name or abbreviation was registered by the situation occur. College is not only the school name as a symbol of the school, but also the embodiment of school culture, intellectual property and the school important part of intangible assets. Trademark Law of China is up as the main principle of prior, given earlier in this long-term use on the basis of the party some protection, when party registration and use of the earlier disappearance of earlier conflicts, the use of prior parties need to provide sufficient evidence to prove their use of the mark and already has reached a certain extent. The challenge and controversy is a long and difficult road. China Law Society, said Li Shunde, vice president of intellectual property, service industries, including education of the content of this field is, in the current legal environment, the college application for trademark is a normal phenomenon. University College will be registered as a trademark, of others using the school name event publicity, the school can strictly follow the "Trademark Law" to safeguard their brands. Increase the utility of the university registered trademark of Color According to China's "Trademark Law" the relevant provisions of colleges and universities can register service marks of their right to enjoy the special, exclusive of the exclusive right to use, may permit others to use; more importantly, the right to prohibit the unauthorized use of registered trademarks with the same or similar to similar trademarks. China's current laws and regulations, there were no special protection on the university name terms and specific provisions. However, the name of the State College of Education approval of administrative authorities, the university name to its proper name is the exclusive right to enjoy, not only through the application for trademark registration in order to enjoy the exclusive right to the name. Education is a public welfare undertaking, if the university's school name to register the trade mark as a service to increase the commercialization of university and utility of color, is incompatible with the university's social attributes. Ph.D., Peking University, who believe the country in early education, college proprietary name, approved by the administrative departments of education in existence during the school has been in college and long-term use are proprietary. If the name of University College will be registered as service marks, and only the application for registration education category. Higher education will become a class name registration service mark, in order to maintain the university name, is a one-sided understanding, and will not increase the university's efforts in protecting proprietary name, it will add unnecessary administrative costs and expenses.