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Review the amount of trademark registration in China exceeded a million
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China's State Administration revealed today, as of September 15 the amount of China's annual review of trademark registration exceeded a million, amounting to 1.05 million, an increase of one hundred fifty-three%. So far, applications for trademark registration in China, the trial Registered trademark of the amount and effective search volume highest in the world, as the world's trademark power. China's SAIC responsible person Jianchang in today's news conference, said the trademark is an important part of intellectual property rights, but also a carrier and other intellectual property signs, with the producers, operators, consumer Are closely related to the promotion of economic and social development, building an innovative country has an important role. Since 1979 the country resumed the unified registration mark, along with the deepening of reform and opening up and rapid economic development, China The cause of the rapid development of trademarks. Applications for trademark registration in the 1980's twenty-six thousand increase to 2006 for seven hundred sixty-six thousand. Since 2002-2008, applications for trademark registration in China for seven consecutive years has ranked first in the world. As of June 30 this year, total applications for trademark registration in China reached 6.77 million total, the effective injection Registered trademark of the total 2.4 million, are highest in the world. LI Jian said that in this year's severe financial crisis, the international situation, applications for trademark registration in China remains a big increase, the end of August, amounted to trademark applications five hundred twenty-one thousand nine hundred ninety-one, with Increase of 13.1 percent over the year is expected applications will more than seven hundred thousand, the highest in the world. Meanwhile, China has become the Madrid Union for four consecutive years are designated international registration of marks than any other country; domestic enterprises Industry through the Trademark Office of the International Registration of the Madrid Union has been ranking the fourth consecutive year the eighth, the first among developing countries. LI Jian said that due to various reasons, a serious backlog of applications for trademark registration to the end of 2007 the backlog of more than 1,870,000 pieces, and this year the amount of trademark registration review of over a million parts (including the backlog of cases), the China Business Marked an important milestone in the history, as 2012 the cause of international standard Chinese trademark laid a solid foundation.