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Angelina create the most beautiful towns and villages in rural China trademark
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Today, the reporter from Anji County, Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that, in order to create the most beautiful countryside, Anji County, Zhejiang Province has been officially submitted to the State Administration for the whole class up 62 "Beautiful Country" (commodity) service mark Applications, which is the first in the country. Angelina has also become the country this new type of rural construction registered trademark of the first county wide. It is understood that, in 2008, Zhejiang Anji County, formally proposed "in the beautiful countryside" program, which uses about 10 years, 187 administrative villages in the county to build a "beautiful village, every family business, always harmonious, all Happiness "of China's most beautiful countryside, making it following the" China Bamboo ", the first" national ecological county "level after the third card. Under the plan, Anji County, Zhejiang Province will rely on the local garden, bamboo forest, streams, mountains and other resource characteristics, establish the number of the mountains to experience, customs, natural landscape features of the mountain leisure and tourism community, the same time, if completed Dry months of bamboo, tea-themed eco-tourism area. "We want to play the old remote and backward mountainous environment caused by the country's most beautiful village, the village looks the most clean volume, industry's most distinctive features, the most robust community services, local culture and the most prosperous farmers in the happiest life One area. "Said Angie Tang Zhongxiang county party secretary. So far, Anji County, China has created a beautiful rural village of 60 boutique, focusing on 29 villages, characteristic village two, creating more than half plane, the pattern has become a national model building of new socialist countryside. This reporter learned that, starting from January this year, Angelina Trade and Industry Bureau based on the functional advantages, in the early diagnostic investigation based on a large number of collection and collation of the "beautiful country" trademark claims data, through patient and careful service And guidance for the "Beautiful Country" (commodity) service mark application for commencement of laying a solid foundation.