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Act according to change " hop-pocket bonze " be grabbed to note trade mark by Fu
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from Chinese Ning Bo net)

Yesterday from act according to change transmit a message, fujian an enterprise is applying for to register to national brand bureau " hop-pocket bonze " brand.

Dignitary of the later Liang dynasty when the Five Dynasties, act according to turn a person " hop-pocket bonze " , regard the history of from mouth to mouth as celebrity, enjoy socially extremely tall famous degree.

A lot of fane of China have one honour show pleasant smiles, the Maitreya Buddha statue of abdomen of protruding of bosom of bareheaded big on both sides, leave uncovered. Allegedly, the dignitary that turns one area according to be being acted according to when the later Liang dynasty of the Five Dynasties namely " agree this " figure fictile. "Agree this " often carry a hop-pocket on the back, see there is commissariat to put hop-pocket with respect to pick up on the ground, because this is called " hop-pocket bonze " .

Application is grabbed note " hop-pocket bonze " of brand is the limited company of a trade that Fujian Province blessing brings city. This enterprise applied for to national brand bureau on January 25 this year " hop-pocket bonze " brand, registered category is " mark registers business to be classified with international of food kimono Wu " the 30th medium kind (cake, pasty, fry meal of meal, zhongzi, box, dumpling, convenient cover to wait) mix the 43rd kind (abode, cafeteria.

Concern personage introduction according to acting according to chemical trade branch bureau, at present domestic brand is registered accept also want the most quickly 2 years, show level so " hop-pocket bonze " brand has not registered a success, national brand bureau is being accepted in.

"Hop-pocket bonze " it is to give calling card of culture of a piece of when turn city and even peaceful wave city important history, be about to open light as big Buddha of Maitreya of snow antrum hill especially, influence will bigger.

Once this one brand of this company application passes first trial of national brand bureau, give chemical trade department will in first trial inside 3 months of announcement period, use brand demur program, mention demur, prevent its to register a success.
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