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Nanjing cafeteria boss is grabbed note " punctuation cate "
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from east to defend a newspaper)

The reporter knew program of Nanjing famous meal a few days ago " punctuation cate " already by Nanjing Xu Mou of some meal boss (change a last name) grab note, after through national brand total bureau examine and verify is passed, xu Mou enjoys the access of this brand namely, at the appointed time, nanjing more than 100 " punctuation cate is recommended " restaurant is used so that be " punctuation cate " buy sheet.

According to introducing, be in early in August 2006, one comes from those who do not have stannumStoneThe gentleman comes to trademark office, application is registered " punctuation cate " brand. StoneThe gentleman registers it is the 43rd kind, basically include service of food, meal, room to wait, because this kind of brand is registered,accept time to be as long as 3 years, generally speaking, pass the examine and verify of national brand total bureau to ability of next year around. As we have learned, at present Nanjing has more than 100 " punctuation cate is recommended " cafeteria, once brand registers certificate in one's hand, anybody does not think make free with and ' punctuation cate ' concerned mark and name.

The reporter contacted Xu Mou subsequently, "I am those who get a friend hold those who register this trademark in the palm. " nevertheless he discloses, this friend is Nanjing person, those who be engaged in is meal industry, but the connection way that rejects to disclose this friend and register a purpose. Cao Jun of southeast attorney office tells a reporter, brand must pass accredit ability to use, "Punctuation cate " did not undertake registered protective, be grabbed to note can calculate only eat " be unable to speak out about one's grievances " . Nevertheless " punctuation cate " should spend ability of how many cash to buy brand return at present very it's hard to say, because the price court decision of brand has a very complex computation formula, trademark holder not can ask a price of all over the sky. Yang Jing of our newspaper reporter