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County looking at Kui develops energetically " farming the name " brand
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from northeast net - - peaceful turn journal)

County looking at Kui adopts strategy of executive brand brand, breed agriculture products of brand of a batch of characteristic early or late, in market competition window frequency shines. Up to now, entire county already was registered " farming the name " brand of green characteristic product 49.

This county carry out " farming the name " brand strategy and development brand agriculture serve as a when accelerate development quality benefit agriculture significant move to catch go up in the hand. Enhance the brand brand consciousness of farmer and organization of economy of of all kinds agriculture, guide its to register " farming the name " brand, walk along a brand to promote farming road. The course is old breed meticulously, card of abundant of potato of yellow pitted shop sign, scene kidney bean of thoroughbred, Xue Libai card a batch " farming the name " contest of brand product market beautifuls. "Jute child " register first countrywide potato oneself tomato patch kind after brand, the product sells 15 provinces of past whole nation county of 40 many city, sell as far as to abroad. By the farmer thoroughbred home Caijing learns the melon dish seminar that establish, already bred " scene " the name is good melon dish breed 60 many, have department of seed of country of classics of 15 admirable breed authorized popularize in the whole nation, "Jing Huangbao " wait for fill of 3 new breed domestic and international blank. The duck of more than 30 thousand egg that more than 600 farmer raises 11 natural collect that are located in satellitic reservoir periphery, produce per year duck's egg of card of green old hilltop 2.6 million, production value can amount to 1.7 million yuan.

This year, big sauce of rice of rice of card of gram sound river, card of Kui dragon standing grain, satisfying card and mineral water of 3 flourishing card were registered early or late again " farming the name " brand, knife cuddle of Fu Chenghe child card cantaloup obtained food of green of national class A to indicate.