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Highest courtyard is being accelerated draft well-known logo is maintained and p
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from legal daily)

"Top people court is accelerating the judicatory that drafts well-known logo to judicatory is maintained and be protected to explain, apply for approval when the condition is mature top people court tries committee to discuss through. " intellectual property of top people court rules front courtyard controller is held in 7 days " well-known trademark law protects a seminar " on divulge.

"The brand that how proves oneself in China is well-known logo? How do well-known logo and other honor discern? The hope is similar such problem can get the result on this seminar. " the European Union is stationed in China diplomatic corps is in charge of the official Mr.Thomas Pattloch of intellectual property general affairs going up to say tastily in the seminar.

No less than he hopes with a lot of representing attending the meeting in that way, about " cognizance program of well-known logo protection and economic progress, well-known logo, well-known logo protects range " wait for a series of is aimed at problem of the focus that current China well-known logo protects, heat, forward position is in this second be paid close attention to on the seminar.

Protection of our country well-known logo is to edited 2001 when trademark law write formally into law in, but before trademark law executive detailed rules sets somewhat to issue of well-known logo protection, about administration director office also has corresponding protection and specific practice.

Controller of front courtyard of intellectual property of top people court introduces, through active exploration of nearly 10 years and practice, court of countrywide various people is maintained lawfully in case of cognizance brand tort and protect well-known logo respect, perfected concerned law order and supervisory guidance measure, its effect is distinct.

But, "As the development of the ceaseless development of practice and economic society, well-known logo judicatory is maintained and protection also is put in a few new cases and new issue, need us to be answered actively solve with appropriate. In recent years the supreme court and each district court strengthen investigation and study ceaselessly, take the judicatory step of a variety of effective actively. " controller of front courtyard of supreme court intellectual property introduces, the supreme court is summing up the foundation that tries experience to go up, basically perfected the system of 3 respects: Avarice ò salt sticks ǖ of Jing of a surname of Xu  paralysis disclose of graceful unoccupied place ê ; Unoccupied place ǚ of ㄈ of Jing of model ㄋ of ㄈ of avarice of ⒁ of ぬ Qiong  paragraph А ⒓ care chops collect of unoccupied place ǖ of ㄈ of Jing of a surname of Xu  paralysis Yu Na of reporter of be good at?(is foreign)
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