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"Macrobian village " brand case ends in Guangdong
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from Shenzhen special zone to declare)

Yesterday, the reporter learns, industrial limited company tells source of Guangzhou city weather case of tort of brand of Shenzhen city some company saves final judgment of senior people court to end in Guangdong. Guangdong saves senior people court to adjudicate: Shenzhen city some firm instantly disuse and tort of destroy by melting or burning marks, compensate for accuser 50 thousand yuan. A long when last 2 years about famous label " macrobian village " intellectual property case ends eventually.

Industrial limited company established source of Guangzhou city weather 1997, it is enterprise of mineral water of outfit of the first bucket of Guangzhou, produce taste city of triangle of bead of be on sale, year increase rate is as high as 30 % . According to Beijing a famous property right evaluates a company, at present " village of day source long life " brand value is as high as 500 million yuan.

On April 26, 2006, industrial limited company discovers cause of Guangzhou city weather do sth without authorization of Shenzhen city some firm is made in its, on the outer packing of the bucket outfit water of the sale and product name, product label, advertisement alone, outstanding use " day source is macrobian village, create older economy and business to its praise loss.

In talk things over to fall without the circumstance of fruit, both sides hit lawsuit, first instance maintains brand tort not to hold water. Source of weather of accuser Guangzhou city is industrial limited company refuses to obey, to Guangdong province senior people court mentions appeal. A few days ago, guangdong saved senior people court to make final judgment adjudicate to this case.