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In brand consciousness respect individual and industrial and commercial door rem
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from Chinese Ning Bo net)

Report from our correspondent (Gao Songda of reporter Zhang Yan's reporter) " Hangzhou bay " , " Hangzhou bay crosses Hai Daqiao " , " Hangzhou bay big bridge " , " village of Hangzhou bay earth " ... as Hangzhou the bay crosses Hai Daqiao to shorten further Shanghai another name for Ningbo, with " Hangzhou bay " relevant brand is hot. The reporter passed the Chinese brand net of national brand bureau to inquire discovery a few days ago, this kind of brand has preliminary count about a hundred, these brand great majority are registered for the company, this specification is individual and industrial and commercial door brand consciousness remains to strengthen.

Input in brand net " Hangzhou bay " , can check 17 relevant brand name, include bay of village of earth of Hangzhou bay, Hangzhou bay, Hangzhou to fly to park of seascape of bay of garden of grand sight of agriculture of bay of city of trade of steel of bay of vulture, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Hangzhou to wait, among them with " Hangzhou bay " named brand has 53, be had by limited company of beer of Zhejiang Hangzhou bay mostly, this company also is a reporter those who inquire is earlier have " Hangzhou bay " the enterprise of brand, the label of article of Hangzhou bay graph that its use at the 32nd kind of beer, beverage applies for atOn December 28, 1999, after this, to protect this trademark, the enterprise was registered on other kind in succession again " Hangzhou bay " brand. As the propulsion that big bridge builds, july 2003, limited company of development of big bridge of bay of Hangzhou of peaceful wave city carries peaceful wave day the ground registered protection of one trademark office " Hangzhou bay crosses Hai Daqiao " brand, this brand covered all kind of brand almost. In addition, hill of Hai Shu, elephant and the not little company of kind brook place also were registered with " Hangzhou bay " relevant brand. In relevant brand, on commodity of the 19th kind of building materials " Hangzhou bay big bridge " the trade mark that the character increases bridge figure comparatives figure, its applicant is the Lu Mou that alley of kind brook week presses down some village. But regretful is, like Lu Mou such individuals are had " Hangzhou bay " of brand quite little, still be less than gross very one of.

In fact, individual and industrial and commercial door brand consciousness compares weakness all the time. To last year the end of the year, accumulative total of peaceful wave city has registered trade mark to make an appointment with 40 thousand, among them great majority is had for the enterprise, rough estimation individual embraces some to be occupied only very one of; And the our city has many 250 thousand individual and industrial and commercial door, calculate with this, every 100 individual and industrial and commercial door own 1.6 brand only.
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