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"China " brand of state banquet wine is servantchoosed a person for a job only b
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from Chinese court net)

Recently, beijing east people court accepts the city zone to be involved together " China " the case of registered trade mark of state banquet wine.

Limited company of brew of badge of accuser Beijing dragon says, its are enjoyed " China " the enrollment of brand is special authority, brewery of east of city of Lu of province of exclusive license Sichuan is used " China " brand. "China " card bishop is the celebration that founded a state 10 years to celebrate 1959 and makes up technically uses wine, it is first state banquet of new China uses red wine, also be activity of Tian An Men is appointed with wine. . "China " brand from 1959 Beijing is born case, through long-term use and propagandist promotion, higher honor is enjoyed in home and obtain multinomial large award, public acknowledge is spent taller. A few days ago, accuser discovers sea of Qingdao brewery limited company, Qingdao child wine line of business limited company without the license, arrogate to oneself is contained from production " China " the liquor of model of written characters, sham its registered trade mark, reason accuses to forensic requirement its assume the responsibility that stops tort, compensate for its pecuniary loss to add up to one million and fifteen thousand five hundred yuan.

2 the accused approbate accuser to have " China " card ownership of trademark. Argue of 2 the accused says, experience case alcohol is produced by Qingdao brewery limited company, by Qingdao sea child limited company offers wine job bottle, pack, cap. This wine sells Qingdao entirely, did not sell in other place. Of Qingdao sea child limited company ever entered wine line of business Sichuan exhibition, see Sichuan saves brewery of Lu city east to produce " China " liquor, did not see " China " have on the side of 2 words register a label, it is OK to think to be like China and China so general brand, use China just is fastened to describe the state of the product. Reason does not agree with the lawsuit of accuser to request.

This case is in farther cognizance.