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"Dismiss 100 offer " special attention
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from economy to watch a network)

According to our country trademark law relevant provision, state the name of main raw material cannot register commodity to be used for brand directly. "Dismiss 100 offer " be used extensively by breed of grape of industry of domestic and international wine, and Zhang Yu company " dismiss 100 offer " will apply for to register as brand. Caused so about " dismiss 100 offer " a series of law problems that whether can serve as brand.

On July 16Afternoon, in food wine line of business limited company (abbreviation " in food wine line of business " ) , limited company of brew of grape of dynasty of Sino-French jointly owned (abbreviation " dynasty " ) , Inc. of bishop of Yantai power dragon (abbreviation " power dragon " ) wait for 12 wine business to combine the appeal in Beijing, "Dismiss 100 offer " as the industry public natural resources cannot be registered by an enterprise enjoy alone, oppugn Zhang Yu to sell the lawful sex that other company wears to explain action of 100 accept bishop below field greatly in countrywide chain.

To this, inc. of brew of Yantai Zhang Yu grape (000869.SZ, abbreviation " Zhang Yu " ) express to our newspaper, so far the solution that the company has not adopt legal action to allow other company is worn below 100 accept.

Afore-mentioned collective and enunciative enterprises still are anxious, zhang Yu to " dismiss 100 offer " registering is its forestall industry only the one pace castle of public natural resources. Introduce according to its, apply for in Zhangyu " dismiss 100 offer " in a few years subsequently when brand registers, zhang Yu parts to serve as with respect to the other grape breed of the industry again register from mark having business, be like " Chi Xiazhu " , " fine jade precious jade oar " , " Pin Lizhu " , " thunder commander " divide into equal parts is not registered be " Chi Xia " , " Chi Xiazhu " , " , but all be versed in because of the country commercial firm politics manages total bureau to hold for grape breed out of court.
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