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Trademark dispute case ends 17 " big bright company " or more renown
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from network of dealer of short for Zhejiang Province)

Recently, beijing is advanced the court decision of people court makes as a result last a period of time two years " Daguangming " trademark dispute case makes end. Be in and 17 " company of big bright spectacles " in argue, "Zhejiang big light " defended successfully " Daguangming " brand. A few days ago, "Zhejiang big light " be opposite again " Ning Bo big light " encroach trade mark right to undertake complaining, 17 " big bright company " be faced with more renown risk.

In August 2005, limited company of big bright spectacles goes to Zhejiang industrial and commercial bureau of peaceful wave city complains Ning Bo limited company of big bright spectacles violated trade mark right, get accepting. Limited company of big bright spectacles expresses Zhejiang, company of glasses of peaceful wave big light mixes company firm intentionally brand is promiscuous, pack in all sorts of products such as glasses box, storefront decorate and tag significantly in management activity, outstanding use " Daguangming " model of written characters, regard company name as brand will use, enough causes the mistake of consumer.

But peaceful wave big light however turn one's weapon around and strike, took the lead in December in of the same age provincial inn of 16 big bright spectacles is versed in to the country commercial firm politics manages total bureau brand to evaluate committee to put forward cancel " Daguangming " brand registers application, make Zhejiang big bright glasses limited company is complained to its be in break down condition. Zhejiang big light daydreams also did not think of, in an instant " accuser " became instead " the accused " .

And how does brand of national brand bureau evaluate committee to rule to this?

Trade commissioner thinks, because name of our country company is registered,execute classification regulation of the government that register, cause may appear in different area the situation with the same firm in company name, fact of this be related can not explain this firm itself is not had significance and identify a gender. Brand " Daguangming " register in different area, register firm, what arrive since place still is the identifying that identifies different company action. "Daguangming " both neither is the current name of commodity of glasses of divisional and distinct category in glasses industry, also did not express the characteristic of glasses commodity or relevant service directly, although Zhejiang is big bright limited company will " Daguangming " use as firm, but its property still belongs to distinction different company firm, and be not the commerce place name with global trade, accordingly, "Daguangming " the sign that literal combination still has significance.

Next, ning Bo has 8 to establish time to antedate in 17 enterprises such as Daguangming " Daguangming " the time that brand offers to register application, but what offer bill of respective honorary certificate, advertisement to wait, the majority obtains time to be later than " Daguangming " brand puts forward to register application time.
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