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10 big intellectual property are typical 2006 case (recommend Hou Xuanbang
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from network of power of Chinese brand dimension)

1. expends Tianjin of row collect chocolate to obtain compensate 700 thousand yuan of   on January 9, 2006, court of Tianjin city senior people appeals to Mengtesha to Feilieluo (Home Zhang harbor) food limited company accuses domestic some company encroachs patent case to make final judgment adjudicate, disuse of forensic requirement the accused " Jin Sha TRESOR DORE " series chocolate is packed, decorate, pay 700 thousand yuan.

2. Bright division goes to beautiful shape to accuse PNY company   on Feburary 10, 2006, bright family company entrusts the United States Morgan Louis attorney office to American Texas east area federal court submits petition, serve dock PNY company; Ask its stop production and sale to shine in complete beauty save file to disk, and claim for compensation of a huge sum.

3. Han Xin builds feigned case to be disclosed   on Feburary 18, 2006, shanghai is handed in big " Han Xin " build feigned case to be confirmed, chen Jin of this case leading role is handed in by Shanghai have a bowel movement eliminates concerned job, cancel to enjoy the qualification with special and subsidiary government. Before this on January 17, journalist of with one action censures in Tsinghua BBS " Han Xin " inventor cheat. On Feburary 16, interior of board of inquiry of Chinese core incident affirms Han Xin builds a holiday one number to belong to basically solid.

4.   of the dispute since copyright of picture of character of red building dream in Feburary 2006, zhao Mou combines China communication limited company, China combine branch of Guangxi of communication limited company to sue a court, the picture of character of red building dream that thinks afore-mentioned company IP phones are printed on card violates its copyright, claim for compensation 730 thousand yuan.

5. The course of study that defend bath is famous enterprise Fujian 9 herd group is sentenced compensate 200 thousand yuan of   in Feburary 2006, wide the Guangdong rising sun that suffers home to defend bath industry to pay close attention to defends bath limited company appeals to Fujian 9 herd are light industrial case of patent tort of group limited company, guangdong saves senior people court to make final judgment adjudicate, 9 herd group is decided patent tort behavior holds water, suspend patent tort action instantly, finished product of product of tort of destroy by melting or burning, semi-manufactured goods reachs manufacturing mould, compensate for 200 thousand yuan.

6.   of case of tort of brand of network of knot of stone city careful Feburary 2006, first instance of intermediate people court adjudicates Shijiazhuang city, maintain " hubble-bubble " the character is Internet well-known logo, cui Mou stops a sale to contain " hubble-bubble " product, delete " the net that clean out treasure " on contain " hubble-bubble " relevant content of the character, compensate for 3000 yuan. This case initiates domestic administration of justice to maintain Internet well-known logo beginning.
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