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Two " Gong Niu " for the law court on beneficial of trade mark right
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from Hunan daily)

"After all, this solution seals an announcement to us eventually is one kind is comforted. " on August 5, should obtain industrial and commercial bureau of Chen state city " remove to seal up for keeping to fluid of nutrition of Gong Niu vitamin " when one paper informs, what chief inspector reveals the sale of peaceful cattle company that making market promotion in Changsha to be concealed hard as before on Zhang Jian face is agonized.

To uphold oneself trade mark right, begin from 2004, limited company of trade of Guangzhou peaceful ox and factory of beverage of Zhongshan city Pearl River limited company (Gong Niu of Guangzhou of the following abbreviation) with Gong Niu of peaceful endowment enterprise is vitaminic beverage limited company (Gong Niu of Beijing of the following abbreviation) spread out to still do not have a result up to now " . Through with Zhang Jian chat, the reporter is right this picket before the knowledge that the cause of little-known enterprise dispute had general interest.

"One hill holds two cattles "

Respecting " Gong Niu " , consumer can associate immediately mostly " thirsty, tired, drink Gong Niu " advertisement word. Here " Gong Niu " it is to point to " Beijing Gong Niu " . In fact, existence is returned to wear another on the market " ox " , it is " Guangzhou Gong Niu " .

"These year come, we experience by the misunderstanding, process that is arrived to be approved again by understanding. " Zhang Jian says, the case that although goods is sealed,investigates also has happened in countrywide other place, but Hunan market is two companies however around refuse to give in of trade mark right the most intense region market. The reporter compares the discovery when two kinds of Gong Niu in his office, both theres is no lack of to be in similarly really on outer packing, but identify carefully, distinguish not difficult also discovery among them: Ox of both ends of mount of bag of Guangzhou red ox is carrying first, the foreleg is erect, brand by the Chinese character " Gong Niu " with phoneticize " Hongniu " composition; And of Beijing red ox " ox " it is to lower one's head however opposite, the foreleg bends, brand by the Chinese character " Gong Niu " with English " Red Juan Bull " composition.

Two oxen " lawful "

Course and Zhang Jian after a dialogue that contains doubt, the reporter was eliminated at long last right " Guangzhou Gong Niu " whether " draw near famous brand " suspicion, initial put in order became clear " two oxen " coexisted cause and effect.

It is reported, the logo of hold of place of Guangzhou red ox is original by Tianjin a company is applied for at putting forward to register to national brand bureau in April 1994, applying for use commodity is the 30th kind coffee drink, blame medical nutrient fluid (compensatory nutrition composition) wait, was registered by approve in December 1995. This brand is made over after to Guangzhou person Wei Ting is built, wei uses this red ox label to accredit of Guangzhou peaceful ox, manufacture beverage of nutrition of fluid of nutrition of vitamin of sale red ox, vitamin. And the brand of Beijing red ox is put forward to register application to bureau of brand of our country country in November 1994 by limited company of health care of medicine of Thailand day silk, applying for use commodity is the 32nd kind soda water, without alcoholic beverage (compensatory moisture) wait, was registered by approve in October 1996. Hind peaceful of accredit of limited company of health care of medicine of Thailand day silk endowment vitaminic beverage limited company uses enterprise Gong Niu this red ox brand, give pinkish red ox beverage of vitaminic vitamin function.
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