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The forehand in the brand and assistant
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Information of Chinese brand net (bring from people net)

A lot of enterprises fall in the circumstance with changeless brand, the new product that is oneself has a beautiful and pleasant pet name, we call this pet name substandard goods brand. Substandard goods card is used extensively in many industries, and it is with home appliance course of study most. For example in sea Er freezer, washing machine " young prince " , " big prince " , " gold is princely " , " double prince " and " small small prodigy " wait, in long rainbow color television " red sun " , " red double happiness " wait, in beautiful air conditioning " sober star " , " exceed Jing Xing " , " Zhi Lingxing " , " healthy star " etc.

Le Baishi (ROBUST) one of 3 strong brands that are Chinese beverage industry, it is Le Baishi group (former now group) main product brand. 1998, le Baishi group rolls out new generation lactic acid to suckle a product,- - Le Baishi " healthy express " . This product adds the double branch factor that uses science and technology of most advanced biochemistry to be made on the foundation that common AD calcium suckles, can promote the rapid multiplication of double branch bacili inside human body, enhance function of line of human body bowel then, enhance power of human body immunity. "Healthy express " come out to be obtained greatly get the better of completely, the sale of annual exceeds 400 million yuan. In deflationary, consumption low confuse 1998, le Baishi " healthy express " outstanding outstanding achievement became sale ad group to seize purpose landscape together undoubtedly. "Healthy express " forestall one's opponent by a show of strength, let consumer know Le Baishi new product came, feeling letting a person gets brand-new generation and improved product enter the market quickly, this was created undoubtedly sell a site newly. Tonal pure beauty, associate of active, full of humour and wit " healthy express " for infuse of Le Baishi brand new vitality, obtained the psychological self-identity with new customer, promoted affection sex to consume greatly, those who be new product is popular stand finished one's contributions in work.

So, after all what is substandard goods card? Card of so-called substandard goods is an enterprise in a variety of products that are oneself coronal in order to unite a brand while, take a name that accords with its characteristic for every kinds of product again. Substandard goods card is right advocate the complement of the brand and go forward one by one, it is the important way with outspread brand, it is enterprise avoid single brand is outspread the efficient way of the risk.
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