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Zhejiang gold amounts to: Register 20 international trademark at a heat
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Chinese brand registers net information (bring from Chinese dress fashionable net)

In enterprise of countrywide hemp spin exit is achieved collect the Zhejiang gold that lists the 2nd to amount to poineering Inc. , 20 countries waited to register 20 international trademark successfully in England, Germany, Italy recently, this is indicating this flax gauze is professional enterprise of tertiary of world of house of scale of production, will obtain for him product better current on the international market do not have block " amulet " , go up in the international market better thereby start shooting brand.

Zhejiang gold amounts to poineering Inc. to found 1978, it is one is engaged in what product of white silks and satins of refine of natural real silk and flax gauze produce specializationing manufacturing company. 5 years short, gold amounts to a company to start from product line of gauze of 5000 ingot flax, develop current 51 thousand ingot, scale of production resides the world the 3rd, and took the throughout the country last year the exit of 50% is measured more make Jin Da company becomes domestic flax gauze to export very quickly " singles champion " . The key mainstay business that at present gold amounts to poineering Inc. to already made Chinese flax industry and Chinese silk trade, its give aid to for years " official official " one of brands of 10 old true silk cloth that brand of real silk dress makes Chinese Silk Association be rolled out to the whole nation, "KINGDOM " and " crape myrtle " card flax gauze is spun by Chinese hemp guild is recommended spin well-known trademark for hemp.

International brand is worn for the enterprise " amulet "

Does gold amount to poineering Inc. why does such vigorously ground register international trademark in abroad? Shen Yueming of company general manager thinks, this business of Jin Da company can grow today such exit dimensions, it is very important that the brand on the international market is modelled. And register international trademark in time, what raise flax brand effectively not only is famous degree, promote the additional cost of the product, can obtain the brand protection that registers a country first more, be in thereby when facing brand tort, the enterprise had one to " amulet " , because this is OK,go up in the international market remain invincible. This year May, the flax gauze that Jin Da company produces " crape myrtle " the trade mark that brand gains international brand bureau successfully to issue again registers card, when because this makes,the flax gauze product that gold amounts to a company is exporting Madrid member country will uncrossed, get local brand is protected.

Increase investment to march with all one's strength international market

As in recent years the coast of silk industry, the enterprise is decisive executive industry structural adjustment, throw in nearly 5 years 300 million multivariate, introduce product line of gauze of world top-ranking flax, the enterprise sold gross income to amount to 470 million yuan last year, among them flax gauze sells a breakthrough 300 million close greatly, company total exit amounts to 38 million dollar, grow 66% compared to the same period. Be in " official official " while silk produce and sale grows continuously, "Crape myrtle " card flax gauze becomes flax industry quickly to export the first brand in home. This year in April, project of on Jin Da investment 100 million yuan spinning of flax of 20 thousand ingot is great put into production, will carry out flax of 10 thousand ingot to essence of life spins a project and prepare to construct again then center of flax research and development. Afterwards obtained alliance of IQNET international attestation to issue last year in September " administrative innovation award " hind, this year in April, jin Da obtains the letter of zoology textile attestation that limited company of Swiss spin calibrating issues again, make " crape myrtle " flax gauze had the card to remove barrier of world green trade " pass " . Meanwhile, jin Da company still is in Italy, Spain, Portuguese orgnaization of the sale agent outside creating 3 of great capacities, march with all one's strength international market.
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