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The mark of the enterprise -- brand originality and design of the name of an art
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[net of Hc360 Hui Cong pressworks industry channel] brand is a kind of mark actually, it and the distinction that the society indicates depend on: Company symbol is a kind of trade name; Brand is noun of a kind of law, it is the trademark that registers through legal order. If company symbol also is registered through registering, it and that brand have oneness.

Brand and the pattern that company symbol designs, have two kinds of kinds commonly: It is an enterprise mark and brand brand are same change. The purpose is taking synchronism to diffuse at begging, aggrandizement impressional effect, the enterprise is in shape brand image while also enhanced company reputation. General, dimensions giant, organization is perfect, famous the some such as the degree of higher company, company with management content single concentration, service enterprise uses this one pattern. Some popularizes brand mark with the name of the enterprise, jie with raising a brand famous degree, of the brand brand of some enterprises famous degree taller, unite the name of the enterprise and mark with brand brand name. 2 it is an enterprise mark and brand brand become independent severally. This also is the need that is based on strategy of camp of already of contemporary look forward to and market sale. Brand has independent character, can make be in market sale process, won't give an enterprise as a result of the failure of a certain brand to bring irretrievable loss. In the meantime, in also can making the enterprise is developing new product and market to have the competition of rate, have active place.

Two kinds of afore-mentioned circumstances, no matter whether do brand and company symbol agree, the design principle that the company that tells above indicates all agrees with brand design, divide this, brand design still has a few special demands:

The first, brand design must accord with brand to register code.

The 2nd, brand design should indicate with the enterprise photograph echo.

Review current situation of our country brand, in brand design respect is put in a lot of problems, if better brand appears complex, trival, go against visual identifying.
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