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Good name, let a brand win in the scratch line!
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Good name, let a brand win in the scratch line!

About the importance of name, name, have archaism evidence early, be like: "Renown ability word is suitable " , " dispatch troops famous " , the name is personalized symbol, make clear a person socially basic impress, name, it is the crucial essential factor of the get victory in political fight, like one of a fierce and powerful person of period of the Three Kingdoms Liu has, depend on namely " Chinese room ancestor close " name and get common people greatly to support, still have a person who achieves high position by unscrupulous scheming Cao Cao also uses the name of the emperor and " nip the emperor in order to make vassal " the operation that has unity the world, recent thalassic war also is such, the reason that has a high-sounding is prevenient, it is bloody brutal offensive next.

Modern market war also is such, the starting point of the brand begins from the name, the brand names the new subject that becomes a kind to warm up quickly gradually, the full name learns to pass early with respect to be current in ancient time, contemporary also have a lot of vestigial can search, the works that × × name learns often sees on ground booth, but in sale domain, what study the brand names truly is true still not much, experts pay close attention to sale theory quite mostly, sale actual combat and advertisement are politic, name as to the brand, seem to only not professional to sale bosses often just are come up against, bosses can be asked normally learn people be taught profoundly or the enterprise that the scholar will come to to be his or the name since the product, literate, have intention, orphean, write down easily basic about the same, some asks Great Masters of The Book of Changes to measure again measure a name auspicious, complete the whole process that the brand names basically!

However, contemporary brand names strategy is not to give some product to take a name only, actually, "The brand names " be a kind of tall difficulty ponder over a process, it is the beginning of the thorough process that the brand locates. We say " the brand names " , and need not " product denomination " , because,be " named course " it is the process that wait for the market, fixed position, figure, affection, value force of translate into sale and starts market fixed position and competition. Brand name, not be a simple earmark, it can aggrandizement fixed position, participate in competition, and still with its may implicit figure value " make some brand acquires abiding market dominant position " .

The purpose that the brand names is to let brand name serve forthrightly as far as possible at sale, have the following these primary politic need considerations: Of sex of strategy of target market strategy, product fixed position, description and optional sex name strategy to wait. 1, target market is politic.

A brand moves toward the market, participate in competition, should make clear above all who is oneself target consumer, it is an object with this target consumer, carry brand name visualize of object of this one target, and translate into of its figure connotation value of a kind of figure, make name of this one brand tells the market clearly namely thereby: Who is the target consumer of this product; The figure value that because place of this brand name is changed,comes out again at the same time and have a kind of special sale force.
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