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The payoff that 3 levels study to the brand names
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The enterprise names the choice that there are two kinds of general orientations in the process in product or service, one kind is company brand mode, use company name to regard a brand as the name directly namely.

In mode of this kind of brand, company name is holding dominant position in whole brand name, another kind is to use name of brand of an as complete as company name irrelvant, this kind of mode is independent brand mode. In mode of this kind of brand, the enterprise uses different independent and individual brand to different product, have two to the product of same category even or the independent brand of two above.

Different company brand names mode to be able to differ somewhat below different market environment, for example, the East Asia state enterprise such as China, Japan, Korea chooses company brand mode morely, and US-led western state enterprise chooses independent brand mode morely. It is in same market environment mode of company brand structure also can differ somewhat already, also existing to use company brand already in same industry even, also use the appearance of independent brand. When is the enterprise deciding independent perhaps brand names use company brand, need what to factor consider so? Oneself of external environment, company will be reached from consumer, market here the payoff that 3 levels will come to study the brand names.

One, consumer element

1. consumer is spent to the heavy visual range of product function

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