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"Name create namely " -- good proposition, surpass doctoral paper!
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"Name create namely " , [1] is a history, experience [the fact of 2] , and it or a proposition of the creativity that the meaning abounds indefinitely. Not only such, of this one proposition or the tradition of all forms, contemporary ideology, creed, doctrine namely the true expression of speech hegemony and immanent logic. Scientific ground is analytic this one proposition, its meaning and price be to one's advantage are unassailable. Let us from " Bible · the Genesis " speak of.

" Bible · the Genesis " begin of the first chapter writes so:

At first, the god creates world. The ground is empty and muddleheaded, deep side is dark, magical spirit moves on surface. The god says, want bright, had light. It is good that the god sees light, smooth dark departure. The god call light day, say dark for night. Have in the evening, have a morning, this is a head a day. ...

Familiar " Bible " the atheist of the story, general meeting is right " the Genesis " descriptive god holds a kind in the 6 views that works of God creates in the day " mythological " , the viewpoint that object. In fact, if it were not for stems from devotional need, connect a little rational and perfect Christian, also won't believe it generally speaking. Because, the idea of the common sense of this one view and people and experience, science differs too far. So, " Bible " why can you make the explanation that violates people common sense so to the universe? As christian classical " Bible " meet so unreasonable? -- can say, this problem wears in the worry all the time we: It is after all " Bible " wrong, does the comprehension that still is ourselves have a problem? To devotional Christian, this is a problem far from: Everybody may lie, only alone god lies impossibly, " Bible " it is absolutely inerrable; And to atheist for us, one, go up in reason we not should dilettante to believe " Bible " the meeting on unripe basic problem is achieved to make mistake in this one universe, it is absurd even and dilettante; 2, come from feeling the comprehension that says we are not willing to believe our again has too big problem, or saying is, we are not willing this problem devotional or simple resort is dangerous buy rises. Since such, so, how should we come reasonable understanding is this absurding phenomenon it seems that?
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