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The meaning that world name car indicates
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Meaning of mark of world name car

★ Xue Tielong -- two-men form sign of Xue Tielong is to installed De Lei 1913. The gear appearance that Xue Tielong makes in the factory of its Paris first.

★ Cadillac -- Cadillac is with discovering the France of Detroit is royal 1701 the name of noble and explorer Mothe Cadillac names, what its sign uses is him is familial act the role of a chapter.

★ Lincoln -- Lincoln is the car that with the United States name of the 12nd president names, the name of president of Lincoln of have the aid of will establish the image of the company, showing what this company produces is top class car. Its brand is one is contained to sparkle in a rectangle the stars that puts light, showing Lincoln president is American federal unite the phosphor with abolish slavery, also Yu Shilin agrees the car is effulgent.

★ Laosilaisi: This car mark is become by the two R superposition of company author Rolls and Royce, the car comes loose the flight goddess of the upper part that heat up a cover is statuary the traditional mark that makes this car. That was 1911 the board of directors is right some cars advocate the phenomenon that sticks the mark of elementary anecdote to the car feels very astonish, decision go ahead of the rest is stuck on board on more healthy and lucky mark other people.

★ Xue Folai: Xue Folai's " mark of " of butterfly form bow tie originates Du Lan sees one of person of Xue Folai that found especially think of to design this graph when newspaper, what obtain from the wall paper of Parisian hotel is inspirational, used first 1914.

★ Wo Erwo: The "VCLVO" in brand of Wo Erwo company has " to roll in Latin the meaning of forward " .

★ Benteli: Its car mark is one volant hovered lanneret, accipitral abdomen notes the "B" of word of the first great English that has company name "BENTLEY" . "Brand of accipitral " form, analogy is showing Benteli the company has infinite development capacity inside global limits.

★ masses: The mark of people corporation is the combination with initial Volks Wagen of word of two heart article.

★ alpha. Romeo: Alpha. Romeo's mark begins to use from 1911, it is the city badge of Italian Milan city, the seigniorial dimension Si Kangtai that also is mediaeval Milan is ducal armorial.

★ farad benefit: Favour assist. Farad benefit is in 1920 is a driver, because finished all leg of motorcade, balaka's mother was in heroic air man to donated its to farad benefit 1923 child the flying horse sign that aboard uses, farad benefit is its spray on cycle racing, used on car of his the first highway 1947, still increased Italian ensign and maize setting for the mark.

The base of a fruit other ★ overcomes: Its car mark divides composition by two. Brand of its letter PONTIAC is taken from the United States close hold a place name that brings a city; Graphical brand is the arrowhead that brings crossed number, it is enchased to be in the upper part of engine radiator grille. Crisscross number states the base of a fruit other " captures the main member that " is general motors company, indicative also by the base of a fruit overcomes car on the safe side; The technical lead that the base of a fruit other arrowhead criterion delegate overcomes and tackle key problem spirit.
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