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The brand engineers brand of extraordinary argument of abundant of Great Master
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Strategy of Chinese famous brand advances cartel of council vice director, China to met vice-chairman Mr Ai Feng to undertake commenting to brand construction of China.
Rank " riant curve " end end
The last few years, the enterprise is all-time take a brand seriously, because of,have He Yuan? China enters the discovery after the world, china is to make big country, brand small country. China has a variety of 150 products to make before occupying, among them air conditioning occupies 70%% 80%% , the shoe occupies 51.3%% . The garment occupies 75%% , but what can be considered as world brand is very few. The value curve of the brand, be by what formed at 3 o'clock, it is research and development respectively, make, sale, and the value profit 3 o'clock, show riant curve, research and development and sale are tall, make low, occupy the 5%% 10%% of whole value profit on average only. The most typical is Chinese toy, export more than 8 billion dollar every year, and in the 15000 toys company that has dimensions, the brand that makes noisy truly also is done not have.
Hit a brand to want to learn excuse me
How to know a brand? 5 kinds should take seriously. Brand, firm, already was known, still have 3 kinds of brands, although not be an enterprise alone brand, can be enterprise excuse me however. It is public brand, include attestation sign among them, the country of origin that tea of Dragon Well tea of the abb mark that issues like international Wool Secretarian, China uses protects a mark to wait, it is public brand, still have evaluation sex brand, be like 500 strong, China of world 500 strong etc, it is public brand, most enterprise cannot be famous brand, can use public brand effectively, complemental oneself the inadequacy of this respect. 2 it is to use a brand. If the century on treasure of be good at force reachs 80 age in 70 time first, lend Chinese women's volleyball the 3 brands that connect a coronal, because drink treasure of be good at force,say Chinese women's volleyball and triumph, result Japanese says treasure of be good at force is " Oriental demon water " . 3 it is carrier brand. If Tokyo is silver-colored, Wang Fu well of Shanghai Nanjing road, Beijing is waited a moment, this address is made on gift bag, have weight.
Make a product " leading cadre mode " best
Make and the brand concerns very resemble writing an article. Write an article to have a few kinds of forms, it is oneself write oneself to publish; 2 it is oneself are written publish with others name, the secretary works, write an article to disappear every day every day publish; 3 it is leading cadre means: Oneself give an idea, others writes an article, signing is him. 3 kinds of means exist. Company product of China, great majority is secretary means. Nevertheless, already had a few companies taking leading cadre pattern: China, strange luck is a delegate. The obstacle that leading cadre means resolved Chinese man-made brand -- core technology of China is no good. Be like strange luck, without core technology, but make a brand, things card absorbs core technology, namely Chinese brand, the technology of the world. The face also has intellectual property problem here, namely own intellectual property differs with what have intellectual property oneself, own intellectual property is more large-scale is integrated. The core of globalization is every country wants amid to get core, I am integrated person, I said to calculate, reap big profit, by conformity person obtain Xiaoli, and the premise that strives for leading cadre mode is to should have a brand, the brand is not accomplished certainly, do not have a brand to agree not to have something made to order. The brand can use the good technology of the world.
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